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Never mind my comments just below. I haven't followed your webpage, and didn't realize your sophisticated allocation strategy. I'm used to talking to novice, or first time investors.

Please excuse my take on the first post I have seen from you in a while.

Please mark me as an avid follower, so I can see what you're doing!

Obviously, your last post focused on a single holding that's not performing well. That happens to well capitalized, well run companies/protocols lots of times.

Buy the dip?, comes to mind, if you really believe in the long term viability of this 'chain. Or, sell out of the money puts, and wait for them to expire, a bit of cash in hand.

Personally, I don't like the Options Market, in traditional finance, as I'm more investor than trader.

What you"re doing is trading strategy in the blockchain universe, which is very attractive, but again, not my style.

Keep me in your loop, as I love reading about what you're doing!

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Somehow, I got kicked off your webpage. So, to continue, you need to diversify your portfolio. Lots of choices, now, that crypto is being figured out by the Gov, Big Business, and mainstream world investors.

Every investment period, choose something new to you, that excites you, something you think you could help develop. Buy just that periods allocation to that protocol. Fractional shares, still add up!

My portfolio is suffering, as well as yours, due to my propensity to favor new technologies, so I'm holding my best convictions for the long term, until I fall below my sell stops. I use net worth as my backstop, you probably bought Terra/Luna as part of a developers package, so, free money! Don't give it away.

If the Wright brothers had caved to normal sentiment, we wouldn't have airlines now.

What are you looking to do?

BTC/ETH conversion is already mainstream, Terra/Luna is a great protocol, as far as I can divine.

Have you considered developing in the Metaverse space? Enhancing the audio/visual of current Metaverse space would be a godsend, who needs to see 80's tech in the 2020's?

So to recap:

Continue developing

Diversify your portfolio, Stocks, Bonds, Cryptos

Diversify your expertise in varying protocols

Continue HODLing your blockchain returns.

Best, Uncle Jerry

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