. . . because markets are efficient, nothing is ever priced in

April 2022

Don't overthink it.
That which is measured improves...

October 2021

#playtoearn is a fabulous opportunity, but the real money is in the meta-game.

September 2021

U.S. regulations affect you, no matter where you live
Let's talk about inflation...
We had a negative event in crypto on Tuesday, and prices plummeted for many tokens. What happened?
Is compound interest the greatest force in the universe?

August 2021

Finding a trading style that works for you is just as important as finding a trading style that works.
What do YOU need?I have realized I need to get to know my audience better, so that I can better serve you with my writing and videos. Can you please help me help…
Understand Market Structure: Make Better Trading Decisions!
Welcome to Savage Corner; where finance and crypto meet. Today’s newsletter is the full transcript of our second YouTube video. If you haven’t seen it…